Winson Green residents visit ‘Winterfell’ in Northern Ireland



Thirty Winson Green residents visited Northern Ireland  for a trip of a life time. Co-ordinated by Newbigin House and travelling on the local Oasis Foundry buses via an overnight ferry, the experience helped bring diverse people neighbours together for a lot of fun.  The group stayed at self-catering Slievemoyle Cottages, Strangford, County Down from 28th September to 1st September.

A highlight was visiting nearby Castle Ward which is featured as Winterfell in TV’s Game of Thrones.


Another highlight was the ferry trip to Exploris Aquarium.


It is hoped that this visit could be an annual event.


Winson Green’s Alpacas and Pygmy Goats help to comfort children

gwen and alapacaHave you seen Alpacas or Pygmy Goats walking the streets of Winson Green? You’re not seeing things! Its part of an innovative local project based at Oasis Foundry Academy that helps children recover from trauma.  ‘Oasis Animal Encounters’ has Alpacas, Pygmy Goats, Chinchillas, Bearded Dragons, African Pygmy Hedgehog and Sheep helping children in the Primary school and children around the West Midlands.

Gwen Gardner, local Winson Green residents and one of the Animal Encounters founders says, ‘Animals bridge the gap where human communication fails. They speak a universal language that brings peace and calm.’

The animals are also available for hire! Could your events and parties be better with alpacas, guinea pigs and other animals for children to get up close with and experience holding and petting? All proceeds help support the animals in the school.

For more information see the Animal Encounters Facebook Page or email Gwen on

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